About ams

Shaping the World with Sensor Solutions

Digital transformation is profoundly changing our lives. It redefines the world we know by means of megatrends. From networked vehicles to medical innovations, sensor solutions enable technological progress and shape tomorrow’s world.

ams designs and manufactures high-performance sensor solutions for applications requiring the highest level of miniaturization, integration, accuracy, sensitivity and lower power.

Leading manufacturers around the globe rely on ams’ sensing know-how for advanced systems design.

Sensing is Life

As one of the world’s largest and most innovative company for sensor solutions, ams’ mission is to help make devices smarter, safer, more comfortable, and more environmentally friendly to help design the future. For ams, “Sensing is Life”.

ams Automotive Solutions

One of the major challenges these days is to improve the travel process. The future of cars is electric and autonomous – powered by sophisticated sensors from ams.

As the world becomes increasingly connected, the interconnections between vehicles are intensifying to enable an optimal flow of traffic. In addition, driver control, for example, contributes to making automobile traffic safer.

The future of cars is electric and autonomous. ams already delivers a range of cutting-edge sensors to meet these mega trends. We are leaders and enablers of the automotive future.

ams Health Sensing

Technical progress does not stop at the border of health either. With the help of sensor applications, ams opens up innovations in medical analysis. Vital parameters measure the primary functions of the human body and contribute to the assessment of a person’s general physical health. Advanced medical imaging equipment also provides medical practitioners with a view into the body.

The use of high resolution medical imaging is opening new possibilities to help patients, whether it is as digital x-ray or mammography or in our smaller scale imaging solutions such as extremely miniaturized disposable endoscopes.

ams Mobile Solutions

ams further takes mobile applications to the next level. First-class 3D sensor technology enables the user to carry out dedicated food analysis and to experience interactive online shopping. Through the use of augmented reality, advanced display management and image enhancement, ams allows users to experience the future already today.

Our highly accurate optical sensor solutions take paperlike viewing of displays to a new level. And true white technology provides cameras to capture even more realistic images of our world.

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